Flag Mausers of Turkey and The Ottoman Empire
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Pseudo 1903

The Ottomans and Turks appeared to have acquired a fair number of these rifles. These are very similar to Turkish Model of 1903, except they do not have a real high hump on the receiver bridge, but rather a nicely made piece of metal that is attached with screws to give it that high hump look. These appear to have been given serial numbers from the same sequence used for 1903 rifles.

These should take large shank barrels unlike the 1903. They do work just fine with a 1903 bolt, so are of intermediate length. These are certainly made from some of the various South American contract rifles made before WWI.

Receiver Face Receiver Body High Hump Piece High Hump Piece
1903 Like Reciever Face 1903 Like Receiver 1903 Like High Hump Left 1903 Like High Hump Top