Flag Mausers of Turkey and The Ottoman Empire
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Turk Mauser

This web site will provide historical information to the Turkish Mauser owner. Originally, this was to be a site for the first time owner of a Turkish Mauser who just wants to find out what he has underneath all that dirt and grease. But now there is much more that should be of interest to shooters, C&R collectors and others interested in the history of military weapons. The flood of Turkish rifles has come to an end (although some do enter the market from time to time). However, with all those rifles out there there will be continued interest and I hope my site can help those who are considering picking up a "Turk" that they have found for sale.

Please note that I have nothing for sale! Furthermore, I haven't purchased any Turk Mauser rifles or parts in a long time so I can't really make any recommendations.

I really do answer most emails, but don't assume I know everything. I'm not a very active Turk Mauser shooter anymore and it's rare that I make any significant updates to the web site, although, I do make small updates in response to the emails that I receive. Some of the images are quite old and need updating.

Please don't ask me to help you sporterize your Turk. It just doesn't make any sense to convert a collectable military rifle into a sporting rifle when you can buy a used sporting rifle for a lot less money. Furthermore, I've never sporterized a rifle and haven't any advise to offer.

If you are trying to figure out what model you have, go to the Models page first. If that doesn't solve the problem, try the Serial Numbers page. Based upon the year and serial number you should be able to figure out what model you have. If you still don't know, go to the Bolts page and maybe that will help.

The serial number survey page is up and running with over 1050 entries. Please add your serial numbers.

Updated 4 June 2011