Flag Mausers of Turkey and The Ottoman Empire
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Serial Number Survey

Add To the Turkish Mauser Serial Number Database

A database of serial numbers is being maintained as a research project. The basic goal of the research is to identify the high and low serial numbers by model and year. The results of this research will be provided on the web site. The raw data will not be made public.

I do receive a lot of unusable numbers. If your year and model don't match, at least pretty closely, the ranges given for that model on the results page than I won't be able to use it. Some times I do get odd ball serial numbers from people who even send me pictures to prove that they have what they say. I guess the Turks made mistakes now and then and there isn't much use in keeping track.

Serial Number
The following items are optional and will be used to help validate the model if you are unsure about the model.
Barrel Length
Bolt Handle Angle
Bolt Style